who we are

Founded in 2003, we are a small experience design firm with big ideas. We help you achieve profitable sustainability through “customer first, employee always, and brand forever”, the three elements of the profit equation. We are the founding member of the Service Design Network (SDN) Hong Kong Chapter. The SDN is an international network of organizations working in the Service Design domain. Joe Pine, the author of one of the 100 best business books of all time The Experience Economy, is our business partner.


We’re more than a list of people with a mission statement. We’re a group of explorers who are passionate about what we do and the work we produce. We view ourselves as experience architect. Our quantitative understanding of the key performance levers enables us to help you gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results. We do whatever it takes to deliver the right business results consistently, on time and within budget. Every service we provide and every solution we advance help you work smarter, delivering business results that endure tomorrow.
customer first... customer experience is the competitive battleground, not products and services. We help you cultivate a customer-centric culture as a helpful way to identify customer jobs, map out the journey to fish where the fish are, and innovate experience continually to stay relevant and be of value to users.

◦ O2O customer journey design
◦ Experience innovation
◦ PR & KOL management
◦ Ecommerce & Mcommerce
◦ CRM & loyalty solution
employee always... people are not your greatest asset, the right people are. We work with you to design and execute the culture, organization, leadership, talent, and change programs that enable business performance through people performance.

◦ Corporate culture
◦ Organization development
◦ Talent pipeline design
◦ Employee engagement
◦ Productivity enhancement
brand forever... a brand is a promise; a sustainable brand is a promise fulfilled consistently. We work with you to innovate your business model, identify your brand purpose, and get your brand message across relevant channels that engages users in all the right ways.

◦ Business model generation
◦ Competitor intelligence & brand positioning
◦ Brand strategy & identity design
◦ Web & APP development
◦ Market research

experience design is about designing the right experience in the right place at the right time for the right user.

co venturing

Today, companies are made up of ideas. You as a founder have to spend big money on much of the expertise out there. Don't do that. You do not want to run just a project, but rather a venture with long-term impact. Together with a team that shares your vision and passion for what you want to create. We are the right partner for you. Instead of just taking a project fee in exchange for services, we drastically reduce your initial investment by converting a part into equity. We share the risk, align our incentives, and become your co-founder and long-term partner—with all our expertise.


The retainer will be your tool of choice for recurring and unpredictable needs around our core competencies. We will have a solid yet flexible partnership allowing you to secure our expertise long-term to cover all of your requests that may arise. This way, you can either strengthen your internal team or outsource it completely, working with us as your business partner.


We can sit down together and ask you lots of questions to understand your goals and needs. Then we'll know who of our people will be the best fit for your project. With this team, we will guide you through the process step by step: from refining the concept, designing a great user experience, to implementing the solution you were looking for. Happy users included.

domain expertise + industry differentiation

Since 2003, we have pioneered experience design and made a difference for customers and organizations. We merge creativity, design, research and consultancy to help you deliver a great integrated experience and achieve tangible business results. We are known for the depth of our knowledge across different industries. We provide flexible end-to-end business services that address the business and performance issues unique to a given industry―or for specific business functions.

how we deliver

We are not an “external agency” for our clients. We are part of a team and see ourselves as partners. We work with you on strategy, design and implementation of projects. We imagine the best concepts, design and test potential solutions, and embed the new services in your organization. We combine research with expertise to create and refine experiences, in the digital space and beyond. We are driven to help you achieve your people’s potential, the potential of your customers’ experiences and the profit potential of your business. With an elevated frontline experience, you will see increased customer engagement, achieve greater team retention and, as a result, see tremendous revenue growth.

trusted client relationships

AutomotiveAudi ◦ Mercedes-Benz ◦ General Motors ◦ Honda
Consumer goodsELLE ◦ Jamie Oliver ◦ JaneClare ◦ Jebsen ◦ LCN ◦ L’Oreal ◦ Mary Kay ◦ Master Kong
Financial servicesBank of China ◦ HSBC ◦ ICBC ◦ Manulife ◦ Securities & Futures Commission ◦ TRICOR
HealthBoehringer Ingelheim ◦ BU Health ◦ Center for Orthopaedic Surgery Limited ◦ HumanHealth ◦ PuraPharm
RetailIngrid Millet ◦ Ocean Park ◦ Pizza Express ◦ Richemont ◦ Staedlter ◦ Shiseido ◦ Thomas Town
Other biz sectorsBaidu ◦ Crystal Group ◦ HILTI ◦ PCCW ◦ SF Express ◦ Sun Hung Kai Properties ◦ Synergis